The images for Mary Lou Newmark's "Street Angel Diaries" combine paintings by Robert M. Fisher, and photographs by Gary F. Clark with additional photographs and multimedia artwork by Ms. Newmark. These colorful and powerful images are projected onto a screen as a backdrop for the actors and musicians on stage throughout the performance. The visual component of the work exists on its own as a whole and is not coordinated with the words, action or music in any specific way. In addition to being featured throughout this site, here are some of the images.

50rainman 1darkwoman 73brownredwings 28facelight 64STANGE11cr copy
© Robert M. Fisher 2005

104Maureen 79Jose 80Nancy&Diamond1#6-23-04 15Ian 114Steve
© Gary F. Clark 2005

37alley2yellow 90streetscenecart 62dog&girl 115bicycle copyblue 117manreadred
© Mary Lou Newmark 2005